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Our Origin Story

While many local businesses were deteriorating at the height of the pandemic in 2020, We Orian had emerged despite the odds that had been stacked against us.

Established on 10 October 2020, Orian is a local eyewear company that is founded and run by a father-daughter duo, Ian and Cassandra. Previously, Orian was known as SpecTalk, but it has since been rebranded to Orian.

Founders Ian (Father) & Cassandra (Daughter)

So how did the name ‘Orian’ come about?

Well, with the intention to retain and honour the legacy of the family’s trade since 1961, a decision was made to incorporate the following:

  1. ‘Ori’ to represent the name of the first-generation optical shop - ‘南光’ (Nan Kwong) - both signifies light.
  2. ‘Ian’ - Our Co-founder

Putting ‘Ori’ and ‘Ian’ we have ‘Orian’! In case you are wondering how it is pronounced, we’ve broken it down for you:



As a homegrown brand, Orian prides itself in providing its consumers with affordable prices and quality products. Where price packages start from $48 (Frame & Lenses) and even our progressive packages begin at $198!

Just take a look at our price list and special add ons below to find out more:


What’s more, when you make a purchase (regardless of value), you will be able to receive a Basic Vision Test (worth $48) for free!

That’s all we have for today. Thank you for reading our first blog and stay tuned for more next week! Should you have any enquiries do leave us a message on our Facebook Page and Instagram! Also, do visit us at:

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  • Hi, do you make reading glasses? I got a frame which is comfortable and need reading glasses. I would like good lenses make using this frame? Is it possible?



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